I work with paper and found materials and always start with a drawing to create a framework in which to work.
I use paint. I use destructive processes. The painting always has a context, which invariably changes as I work, sometimes returning to the original idea but usually not.

I generally work on many paintings at once and if I become stuck I will leave the work for a while.
I never give up on a painting and if it isn’t working I’ll obliterate it, and start again. My work is inevitably autobiographical.
Working in a formulaic or prescriptive way allows me the freedom to explore every avenue, every tangent in pursuit of the Sublime. 

Christopher Nixon (b1958)

For the last 20 years I have worked in community arts, festivals, theatre, and education. I studied Fine Art Painting and Contemporary Practice in Newcastle upon Tyne and Falmouth. Some of my work is in private collections. I work from my studio WO1b at Krowji in Redruth, Cornwall. I have five sons.

I make paintings that are concerned with pattern, transformation, enigma, and ultimately… some kind of harmony.
I work with paper, junk and other peoples throwaways, whatever catches my eye… packaging, paper oddments, paint… rusty, decayed, burnt…